Our Courses


Cambridge Primary Syllabus

• English Language
• Malay
• Chinese
• Mathematics
• Science
• Geography
• Information and Communication Technology
• Art and Craft
• Music and Dance

Cambridge Secondary Syllabus

• English – First Language
• English – First Language
• English – Second Language
• Malay – Foreign Language
• Chinese
• Accounting
• Business Studies
• Economics
• Global Perspectives
• History
• Mathematics
• Mathematics – Additional
• Science – Combined
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Information and Communication Technology

Cambridge English Language Assessment

Primary-Level Language Assessment

• Young Learners English (YLE)

Secondary-Level Language Assessment

• Key English Test (KET)
• Preliminary English Test (PET)
• First Certificate Examination (FCE)
• Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)
• Cambridge Proficiency English (CPE)

Leadership & Public Speaking

Leadership and effective communication go hand-in-hand. One cannot exist without the other. Recognizing this, and mindful of the fact that many teenagers are engrossed in academic study and are often more comfortable communicating electronically than face to face, secondary level students at Cambridge Asia automatically become members of the Gavel Club.


The Gavel Club is a Toastmasters Club for secondary students. Public speaking is an essential component in our curriculum and an integral part of our learning culture, because it builds effective listening, expression, and communication skills that help guide young people through their teenage years and into professionals. Participants learn to overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience, organize and present ideas logically and convincingly, listen carefully to others’ ideas, participate in and lead group discussions or meetings, and offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.

To become future leaders, many events in teenagers’ lives require the successful use of interpersonal skills, in order to become effective individuals. Leadership and communications skills are important not only for maintaining healthy personal relationships in schools, community and family and for achieving academic goals in middle and high school, college and university; they are also essential for surviving and thriving in today’s competitive market and business environment.