At CA (Cambridge Asia) Learning Academy, we believe that great education nurtures the individual learning strengths of every student.

An optimal learning environment is one that enables students to best develop and thrive, by being true to themselves. Our students are trained to embrace problem solving, critical thinking and creative approaches to arrive slowly but surely, at some measure of success. They learn consciously through their mistakes.

Our teachers take pride in being experts at their fields and grooming the students to achievable standards. Ongoing forums on teaching challenges are organized for teachers to keep abreast with the latest in education. Every student is discussed at informal meetings to understand them better and facilitate their learning process

We offer an international-level learning platform of Cambridge standards, that emphasise English proficiency strengthened with confidence-building, leadership & public speaking coaching, all of which also form the core of our curriculum.

All our learning activities encourage students to successfully move forward in the pursuit of excellence, allowing them to capitalise on their individual talents in a stable and secure learning environment. Above all, we strive to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

Our Mission

Educating and empowering youth to engage, to experience and to express themselves without limits.

Our Founders


Ms Renee Wong

“Each child is unique. To transform their personal learning style and unlock their full potential, we apply a learning culture based on their attitude towards learning, which we attempt to address with student centered learning strategies, and supplement it with leadership and public speaking skills that accelerate learning.”


Mr Chai Yoon Heng

“Academic results are not the only measure of success. We help students develop their strengths, through learning in an empowering environment.”